Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Rudy Bows Out early

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Rudy Giuliani formally dropped his presidential bid and endorsed John McCain Wednesday, setting up the Arizona senator with valuable support and big press heading into the GOP primary debate in California.
Giuliani pledged to campaign with McCain wherever he is needed, and touted his former rival as an “American hero” and “the most qualified candidate to be the next commander in chief of the United States.”
Giuliani spoke at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, Calif., where the Republican debate was being held just two hours later.
“He came from way behind to go way ahead, and once again displayed his tenacity, his courage, his ability to focus, his ability to get things done,” Giuliani said, referring to McCain’s surge over the past two months. “I can’t imagine a campaign that better demonstrates who the person to be president of the United States should be.”
On his plane en route to The Golden State, the former New York City mayor said that he opted to end his faltering campaign because he did not want to eat into McCain’s support on Super Tuesday, when just four remaining candidates will battle for the 1,023 delegates allocated from 21 states voting that day.
“It’s disappointing to lose a race for president because you believe you’re the best candidate, but I had made it clear before I had to make this decision who I thought the other best candidate was,” Giuliani said.

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