Monday, September 29, 2008



I have 4 extra tickets for the Robbie Knievel
(son of Evil Knievel) event at the Ford Center this weekend
if anybody wants them.

He's going to try to jump 1,000 Obama
supporters with a bulldozer.

Should be a pretty good time.

Charity, give a little....

Biden Has Given Little to Charity

Democratic vice presidential nominee Joe Biden has released his personal income tax records — revealing that the Delaware senator and his wife have been very stingy when it comes to charitable gifts.

The Bidens had an adjusted gross income of $319,853 in 2007, including his Senate salary, book royalties, and his wife’s salary as an English teacher.

But their charitable gifts totaled $995 — just 0.31 percent of their income, according to the TaxProf Web site.

The year before, they earned $248,859 and donated just $380, or 0.15 percent of their adjusted gross income.

Over the past decade they reported giving an average of $369 a year to charity, reports.

According to Independent Sector, the average annual charitable donation among households earning in excess of $200,000 is $20,434.

The Bidens’ “lack of charitable giving at that level of income would definitely be outside the range of what we say is normal,” Russell James, a professor at the University of Georgia who conducts research on charitable giving, told Bloomberg.


Republican presidential nominee John McCain’s tax returns show he had an adjusted gross income of $386,527 last year and had charitable givings of $105,467, or 27.3 percent of income. His wife Cindy files separately.

His Democratic rival Barack Obama (YOUR EVERYDAY AVARAGE GUY) had $4.13 million in income in 2007 and gave $240,370, or 5.8 percent. (THAT AFTER HE REGISTER TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT. EVERY YEAR BEFORE THAT HE GAVE 2-3%)


Martin Wins Endorsement!

Martin Endorsed by the Ohio Society of CPAs

The Ohio Society of CPAs believe Martin will be a positive influence in the Ohio General Assembly

BEAVERCREEK, OH. (9/25/08) – The endorsements continue to roll in for Ohio House of Representatives candidate Jarrod Martin. His recent endorsement by The Ohio Society of CPAs is a testament to the broad-based support Martin has received.

“On behalf of the over 23,000 members of The Ohio Society of CPAs, we are pleased to formally endorse [Martin’s] candidacy for the Ohio House of Representatives, [he] will be a positive influence in the Ohio General Assembly” Barbara Benton, CAE and Vice President of Governmental Affairs for the society said.

Martin said; “I appreciate their support and I look forward to the opportunity of working together in the House.”

Martin is a member of the Beavercreek City Council and owns a business in Beavercreek. He is active in organizations throughout Greene County and has worked tirelessly on behalf of taxpayers and families.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Thanks Uncle Teddy...

The below article was published in the Dayton Daily News on September 19th.

Ohio's jobless rate highest since 1992

By William Hershey

Staff Writer

Friday, September 19, 2008

COLUMBUS — Ohio's unemployment rate increased to 7.4 percent in August, the highest state jobless rate since October of 1992, according to data released on Friday, Sept. 19, by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.
The August unemployment rate was up slightly from 7.2 percent in July and more than a point higher than the 5.7 percent rate in August of 2007.
The U.S. jobless rate for August was 6.1 percent, up from 5.7 percent in July.
"Ohio's labor market continued to mirror the national trend by showing signs of decline in August," Helen Jones-Kelley, ODJFS directors, said in a press release. "Larger decreases in the goods-producing sectors resulted from continued losses in manufacturing and durable goods."
Overall, Ohio's nonfarm wage and salary employed dropped by 3,700 over the month, from 5,410,500 in July to 5,406,800 in August.
The number of unemployed workers in the state in August was 445,000, up from 432,000 in July.
During the past 12 months, the number of unemployed has increased by 106,000, from 339,000.
The unemployment news comes against the backdrop of a gloomy national economy, declining state tax returns and a continuing state budget crisis that saw Gov. Ted Strickland announce $540 million in budget adjustments last week, including $198 million in spending cuts.

I wanted to bring this article to your attention because Gov. Ted Strickland made promise after promise in speech after speech in 2006 to "turn around Ohio" while campaigning. And now here we are being guided by the Strickland administration and the Jobless rate is the highest its been since 1992. Ironically the last time the rate was this high was under another Democrat Governor, Dick Celeste...quite possibly the original "Slick Willy". This article points out that month after month Ohio continues to lose jobs. It has gone up a full percentage point in one years time. And Ohio is ahead of the National average, in a category we do not want to be leading.

While local governments are working to bring jobs to Ohio Gov. Strickland continues to make it harder by imposing new restrictions and limitations on businesses wishing to locate in Ohio (ie Honda Plant choosing Indiana over Ohio). The only jobs Strickland seems to be concerned about creating are full time positions in Columbus and placing Republican leadership in them so they can't run for re-election of their respected districts. A brilliant and solely political move on his behalf as he works to take GOP leadership out and have them replaced by tax and spend liberals in the House. (Strickland has made it a personal priority to take back the House in Ohio)

So..."Thanks, but no Thanks" Uncle Teddy. Your leadership has left more people in Ohio without a job when you clearly promised to help people find and keep jobs.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Widener wins Endorsement


For Information: Michael Bir

Campaign Manager

(937) 369-1540

Fraternal Order of Police of Ohio Endorses Widener

State's largest law enforcement organization feels Widener is the best choice in the 10th Senate Race.
SPRINGFIELD, OH (09/16/2008) - The Fraternal Order of Police of Ohio has announced its endorsement of Chris Widener, candidate for the Ohio State Senate.
With more than 25,000 professional law enforcement members in Ohio, the FOP is the largest law enforcement organization in the state.

"I am humbled by the support of Ohio's law enforcement community." said Widener.

"As a State Rep, I have voted to impose tougher penalties on sex predators to keep them off the streets and away from our children. I have also worked with law enforcement to give them the means to deal with new threats like Internet predators. As your State Senator I will continue to arm law enforcement with the tools they need to keep our children safe."
Widener continues to rack up broad based support and endorsements for his senate campaign including, Ohio Chamber of Commerce, the Ohio Farm Bureau-"Friend of Agriculture," Ohio Nurses Association, Associated Builders and Contractors of Ohio, Ohio State Building and Construction Trades Council, Buckeye Firearms Association, Ohio Society of CPA's, International Union of Operating Engineers, and the Ohio State Medical Association.
Widener is a licensed architect and has owned his own firm for more than 18 years. Prior to starting his own business he was the first full-time Historic Preservation Officer at Wright Patterson Air Force Base and served as a civil service architect.

Widener currently represents Madison County and portions of Clark and Greene Counties in his fourth term as a member of the Ohio House of Representatives. As a legislator, he worked to cut personal income taxes by 21 percent, provided much needed prescription drug coverage for 1.4 million Ohio seniors without any additional costs to taxpayers and helped pass a state budget with the lowest growth in spending in nearly half a century.

Paid for by the Committee to Elect Chris Widener, Peggy Hupp, Treasurer
23 S Center St, Suite 103, Springfield, Ohio 45502

For more information about Chris Widener please visit

Perales wins Endorsement of Dayton Daily News!

This endorsement was published in the Dayton Daily News on Sept. 15th.

Mr. Perales was elected four years ago. A former Beavercreek mayor and city council member, he is entrenched in activities in both Greene and Montgomery counties. In addition to his position on the commission, he has a full-time job with the University of Dayton managing its campus master plan.

Mr. Perales talks knowledgeably about Greene County issues. He understands that, going forward, delivering affordable, plentiful water is an issue that the commission has to keep its eye on. The county's problems in this area are partly due to the housing boom that prevailed until lately; and then there's also the fact that water infrastructure has to continually be updated.

He also says that county government is not customer-friendly enough. He wants county employees to be more sensitive to the fact that navigating the bureaucracy can be frustrating for people who have urgent, as well as mundane, problems.

Mr. Perales' opponent is Cedarville University education professor Eddie K. Baumann. He has not run for office before and makes no complaints against Mr. Perales or about how the county is operated. He laughingly says his friends in conservative Greene County tell him that he probably will be the only Democrat they will ever vote for.

Mr. Baumann is earnest, but he doesn't have the background of community service that Mr. Perales has. That experience matters in government when part of the job is knowing people and being familiar with public issues that are hot in particular communities and in the wider region.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Martin Wins Dayton Daily news endorsement!

State Representative Candidate Jarrod Martin Endorsed
by the Dayton Daily News

Largest newspaper in Dayton area believes Martin is best for the 70th District.

BEAVERCREEK, OH. (9/11/08) – The Dayton Daily News has endorsed State Representative candidate Jarrod Martin for Ohio’s 70th House District which includes Fairborn, Beavercreek, and Xenia in Greene County.

The Dayton Daily News editorial board said, “Mr. Martin is better suited by temperament and the better choice for the district.” Martin responded, “The Dayton Daily News reaches thousands of voters and I am both humbled and honored to have their endorsement.”

Martin is a member of the Beavercreek City Council. He owns a medical billing business in Beavercreek and is a member of the Beavercreek, Fairborn, and Xenia chambers of commerce.

Each candidate is asked to provide an endorsement letter from someone of their choosing to be published along with the views of the Dayton Daily News editorial board. Martin’s endorsement letter is reprinted below:

Jarrod Martin is well known to me. I have had the opportunity to observe his dedication to this community and notable commitment to his family. Jarrod’s willingness to work hard and long to accomplish any of his undertakings is self-evident in all his actions. Willingly helping his numerous friends and neighbors with virtually any task, like that recent weekend spent shoveling gravel for the local baseball program; Jarrod is a regular to be counted on. He has an MBA from the University of Dayton and owns a thriving business in Beavercreek. These strengths united with his leadership on the Beavercreek City Council guarantee that we have a leader willing and anxious to take on greater responsibility in the service to our voters of this district. It is with great pride and enthusiasm that I wholeheartedly support Jarrod Martin for State Representative and I warmly encourage all of you to join me in voting for Jarrod Martin this November 4th!

CMSgt. Edward P. Gallagher
USAF Retired


Paid for by Friends of Jarrod B. Martin, 2098 Fairknoll Drive, Beavercreek, Ohio 45431, Ralph C. Harper, Treasurer

Jarrod B. Martin
Candidate For
State Representative
70th House District
O: 937-426-0176
C: 937-475-2235
F: 937-490-2251

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Desperate Democrats

They're Getting Desperate

The vicious smears on Gov. Sarah Palin are out of control. They're attacking her family, her faith, her experience, and even her hair.

And here's what Barack Obama said today in what some view as a not-so-subtle reference to John McCain's running mate:

"You can put lipstick on a pig. It's still a pig."
("Obama, Dems sharpen personal attacks on Palin," Jim Vandehei & Mike Allen, Politico, 9/9/08)

Just yesterday, Obama was mocking her as a "moose shooter." It's clearly panic time for the Democrats. These disgusting, chauvinist comments have no place in our politics.

Help us defend Gov. Palin and her family by contributing $25, $50, $100 or $500 today.

While the media and the Democrats attack, our volunteer activity is going through the roof, and the enthusiasm for the McCain-Palin ticket across Ohio has been phenomenal. As I write this, we're adding new staff to accommodate the surge of support.

Help us keep the momentum going! We need critical funds for television ads, candidate mail, phone calls and slate cards.

Donate $25, $50, $100 or $500 right now with a secure, online contribution.

Tell the Democrats you're tired of their smears on Gov. Palin. Enough is enough. Let's win this thing.

Kay Ayres
Vice Chair
Ohio Republican Party


Friday, September 5, 2008

Silly Obama....

Why Obama Can't Close the Sale

September 3, 2008; Page A23

Even before John McCain shook up the presidential race by tapping Gov. Sarah Palin to be his running mate, polls weren't showing the late-August lead that Barack Obama (and many Republicans) expected. Why so?

It's not because of the brilliance of the McCain campaign. Rather we believe that -- despite the media's best efforts to exempt Mr. Obama's policies from critical examination -- American voters aren't sheep. They pay attention to the candidates and positions and make wise decisions about who should lead the country.

True, Mr. Obama enjoys several advantages. Republicans are struggling nationwide in head-to-head contests. Democrats lead in voter registration, and have a well-funded presidential candidate.

Yet Americans have not committed to Mr. Obama. Why?

Clearly, Mr. Obama's weakness on foreign policy is a factor. He has a knee-jerk preference for diplomacy with China, Europe and Russia over the security of the American people and our closest allies. He hasn't explained his shifting positions on Iraq and Iran, among other hot spots. And he felt compelled to make up for his experience gap with Mr. McCain by picking Sen. Joe Biden to be his running mate.

But here's the thing: It's not that Mr. Obama hasn't been specific enough in his governing plans. To the contrary, he has been very specific about his tax policy, health-care and energy proposals. It's that voters are paying attention and appear not to like what Candidate Obama is saying.

Mr. Obama has proposed a massive tax increase on investors, business owners, and the "wealthy." At a time when the American people rate the economy as the central issue of the campaign, a tax hike doesn't make a lot of political sense. Voters know that a tax hike won't help the economy.

Moreover, Mr. Obama's tax plans would directly or indirectly harm U.S. investors by raising the capital gains and dividend taxes. More than half of U.S. households are equity owners, so Mr. Obama's proposal risks alienating half the population.

Mr. Obama claims to offer a tax cut to moderate-income families, but a significant portion of Mr. Obama's tax plan is a welfare giveaway costing more than $648 billion over 10 years, according to the Tax Policy Center.

How so? He would authorize a hodgepodge of refundable tax credits covering everything from education, mortgage payments, child care and other items for people who do not pay income taxes now.

About 38% of U.S. households pay no income tax today. Under a President Obama (whose policies would shave 15.3 million households off the tax rolls) that share would grow to nearly half of all American households.

We have been repeatedly told that everyone should pay their fair share. So this sounds grossly unfair and like a return of tax-and-spend liberal economics. No wonder there is a lot of doubt about the wisdom of the junior senator from Illinois.

Mr. Obama's health-care proposal is not quite HillaryCare, but it comes close. A national health insurance, heavily subsidized by taxpayers, would be offered to the currently uninsured. Mr. Obama's instincts on health care are always to move more people onto rolls of government-paid and government-mandated insurance, while depriving the marketplace the oxygen it needs for greater innovation, life-saving cures, and efficiency.

Americans have heard the refrain for government-provided health care before and know an expensive government giveaway when they see it.

Mr. Obama's energy policy is to drill less, consume less, tax more, and spend more. With barely a nod to nuclear energy -- the only meaningfully large, carbon-free source of domestic energy -- he is promising a massive increase in domestic, noncarbon-based energy from sources that produce only a fraction of our energy now.

He has also proposed massive tax increases on U.S. oil and gas companies while continuing to cut off vast swaths of U.S. territory to drilling.

Again, Americans are wiser than they are given credit. They know that if you restrict supply and tax production, prices go up.

The economic wisdom of Americans should not be doubted. They can see through Mr. Obama's proposals. They know that they will have to pick up the bill if Mr. Obama sends checks to people who already don't pay taxes; they know a centralized government-controlled health-care system will be more expensive, less efficient, and less friendly to patients and doctors. They know that the most effective way to bring down energy prices is by keeping all our energy options open, including more drilling in the U.S.

And they know that if a candidate has spent his entire career taxing more and spending more, that's what you'll get -- and more of it.

Mr. Obama is wondering why he can't shake Mr. McCain. His problem isn't his plans for the campaign. It's his plans for governing the country. Americans just aren't buying into them.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Convention Night Party!

Please join the Greene County Young Republicans for a Convention night celebration on Thursday Sept 4th at 7 pm. The celebration will be at the Republican Victory Center 3317 Seajay Rd in Beavercreek. All are welcome to attend. Soda and food will be provided.

Lets all celebrate Sen. John McCain accepting the nomination from the Republican Party!!!

If you have question please e-mail us at