Sunday, January 20, 2008

John Mitchel Announces Candidacy for Congress


John Mitchel files for U.S. Congress, 7th District, Ohio

Beavercreek, Ohio, Friday, January 4th, 2008: Today former Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, John Mitchel filed for the March 4th Republican primary in Ohio's 7th Congressional District. He has been active in politics since 1998 when he challenged Bob Taft for Ohio governor. Colonel Mitchel, a systems analyst at Wright Patterson AFB and free-lance writer/publisher ( ) claims his experience and proven leadership make him the best qualified candidate to serve the 7th District in Washington. He has over 30 years in federal service as a U.S. Air Force Academy graduate, 22-year career officer, defense acquisition professional and fraud, waste and abuse investigator.

Mitchel commented, "Every two years we go through the same drill. The candidates discuss the issues of the day and promise to make things right. Irresponsible spending, Social Security, healthcare, illegal immigration, gun control, abortion -- you name it. Talk is cheap before the primary and even cheaper leading up to election-day in November. However, nothing changes because they never address the root causes for failure of big government and its increasing tendency to control all aspects of our lives. These trends are clearly recognizable across America, but there's a strong argument that Ohio is leading the race to the bottom. For example:

* In terms of combined local, state and federal taxes, Ohio ranks in the top five in the U.S.
* Ohio is second last in the nation in job growth, and
* 25% above the national average in unemployment,
* Ohio ranks # 2 in foreclosed homes and delinquent mortgages,
* Ohio leads the nation in 20 to 39-year-olds leaving the state. That's one reason we lost five Congressional House seats since 1980 and will lose two more after the 2010 census,
* Fraud, waste, abuse and corruption continue to be growth industries in Ohio. Our last governor was Ohio's first governor to be convicted of a crime while in office, and we have two former Congressmen in federal prison, with at least one more waiting in the wings if justice is served."

Colonel Mitchel added, "The simple truth is that Republican and Democrat insiders, corporate elitists, special interests and lobbyists have a stranglehold on government, and that includes my primary opponents. To the kingmakers, it doesn't matter if a career politician from Greene County, a lobbyist from Pickaway County or a partisan insider from Clark County win the Republican nomination for the 7th District Congressional seat. None of these candidates can or will pose a serious threat to the status quo. Here is how I am different.

First, if elected, I would remove all temptation to become a career politician. I would limit myself to no more than three terms or six years in Congress.

Second, I would sign on as co-sponsor for the FairTax. This tax reform not only eliminates the IRS, but it removes incentives for our federal elected officials to pander to lobbyists, special interests and single issue advocates for cash to finance their campaigns. The current tax code clearly punishes creativity and productivity, not to mention a growing number of middle class Americans that can barely make ends meet after 30-40 percent of their income first goes to pay local, state and federal taxes. We need a tax code that is fair, simple and pays the bills, and tax reform at the federal level is a good place to start."

Contact Information: (937) 427-8442

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