Sunday, January 27, 2008

Dan Harkins Announces Candidacy for Congress

On January 4, 2008, Dan Harkins, a resident of Springfield, Ohio, filed his Petitions with the
Greene County Board of Elections to place his name on the 2008 Republican Primary Ballot for the
for the 7th Congressional District. The primary election will be held on March 4, 2008.
Dan Harkins, age 47, is an attorney in Springfield who has a general civil law practice which
includes matters involving health care and taxation. Harkins is an established civic leader. He was
the President of the Springfield Family YMCA and the President of Tecumseh Council, Boy Scouts
of America. His service resulted in various awards including the Silver Beaver award from
Tecumseh Council, the Board Award of Distinction from the Association of Ohio Philanthropic
Homes, Housing and Services for the Aging, and a Community Service Award from the Ohio State
Bar Association.
Harkins has served with distinction as Chairman of the Clark County Republican Party for
10 years and as a member of the Clark County Board of Elections for 9 years. During the 2000
Presidential Recount in Florida, Harkins served as an observer, Team Leader, and Floor Manager.
Harkins was an alternate to the 2000 National Republican Convention and a delegate to the 2004
National Republican Convention. Should his candidacy Petitions be approved, Harkins will resign
as Chairman of the Clark County Republican Party and from the Clark County Board of Elections.
“Unreasonable taxes and unfunded mandates are hampering our economy. The
overwhelming burdens of a growing federal deficit and a troubled Social Security system need to
be resolved. Effective solutions are urgently needed to fulfill our commitments and to strengthen
our economy, so that our Nation may better compete in the global economy,” Harkins said.
“We need to champion Republican principles of lower taxes and less intrusive government.
Political rhetoric needs to be followed with effective action,” Harkins stated.
“I have been encouraged by many residents within the Congressional District to seek the
nomination. I am humbled by their encouragement and support. I look forward to running an
effective campaign,” said Harkins.
Attached are a campaign contact sheet, biographic statement about the candidate and
campaign photograph.
Paid for by the Harkins for Congress Committee


Citizenfordecency said...

When I heard that Dan Harkins was running for U.S Congress, I called his office and asked if I could meet him? Dan was kind enough to have me in for a one-on-one discussion concerning the many problems that face our nation; and to that end, Dan asked me what I, as a citizen, thought should be done to improve our nations political process.

As a card carrying member of the Republican National Committee, I was very pleased to find someone who wanted to represent the true values of the Republican Party. Additionally, I was very grateful that Dan Harkins was willing to take the time to meet with me and listen hear what I had to say. Thank you Mr. Harkins!

Recently, I attempted to have a meeting with one of Harkins’ top opponents (a State Senator) and regrettably, this person would not take time-out to meet with me. I figured if this State Senator is too busy to meet with area constituents in a three county state senate district, then how on earth could he have time to be my U.S. Congressman? After all, he is too busy!

After these two very different experiences with the candidates, I realized that Dan Harkins is the best person for the job.

Therefore, I am asking all of you to please consider voting for Dan Harkins for U.S. Congress.

To learn more go to:

Zach said...

I've also attempted to have conversations with Mr. Harkin's State Senator opponent over the last 6-9 months. I have reached out 4 times and have either not received a phone call back or was told that the Senator was not available for "x months".

Craig said...

Dan Harkins is a great guy and will bring real change to Washington. We need a fresh and energetic perspective brought to Congress. The cronyism that has plagued the Republican party and has brought ill repute to the party must end. The current Representative's endorsement of the "state senaator" is just another example of this. Please Consider voting for Dan Harkins. Bring fresh blood to congress and lets bring the Republican Party back to the powerful and ethical party it was before the scandals.