Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bill Miller Announces Candidacy for State Representative

December 7, 2007
Fellow Citizens: I am here today to introduce myself. My name is Bill Miller and I am running for Ohio House of Representatives in the March 2008 Republican Primary Election. I have already served almost eight years as Xenia City Council Member, including one year as Council President and 2 years as Council Vice-President. I have been active in the Xenia Economic Growth Corporation, in Recreation and Parks, and on the Board for Zoning Appeals. I am a member of the Under One Roof Campaign Committee to consolidate services and resources for our citizens with both governmental and private support. I was the Chairperson for Project Impact and a champion and fundraiser for the X-Town Skaters who successfully planned, funded and built the Xenia Skate Park. I have been an active member in the Greene County Republican Central Committee for several years, and have hoped and planned to increase my role of service to my community by running for a State Representative for several of those years. 2008 is the year that I felt was my best opportunity to move forward towards this goal. I will spend the remainder of 2007 and early 2008 researching the larger needs and plans for District 70, contacting more community groups about their needs and asking for their support, and meeting with my potential constituents to find out their concerns and the best way to represent them. As your Ohio State Representative I will continue to work hard with the community and its business leaders to bring additional growth to the area in industry, retail, and residential benefits. I will continue to collaborate with our educational leadership in our District, and with nearby colleges and university to provide opportunities to our own citizens and neighbors. I will give you a voice and a sounding board so that your voice will be heard in Columbus. I have lived in Xenia, Ohio near downtown for the past twelve years. I reside on Second Street with my wife and our five children. With my wife I own and operate a business in town, Waterstreet Family Practice, Inc. We love this Community and are here for the duration. Let me continue to work for us and you to make our community better—happier, more successful, and to grow steadily and appropriately for all of us. Thanks for your time. I welcome your calls and questions. Bill Miller Bill Miller Xenia Ohio

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