Monday, March 31, 2008

Some words to ponder...

This one can't be proven false or true as it is one man's opinion and the
man is Ken Blackwell, a columnist for the New York Sun. He is also
black which doesn't really shouldn't make a difference...

It's an amazing time to be alive in America . We're in a year of
firsts in this presidential election: the first viable woman
candidate; the first viable African-American candidate; and, a
candidate who is the first frontrunning freedom fighter over 70. The
next president of America will be a first.

We won't truly be in an election of firsts, however, until we judge
every candidate by where they stand. We won't arrive where we should be
until we no longer talk about skin color or gender. Now
that Barack Obama steps to the front of the Democratic field, we need
to stop talking about his race, and start talking about his policies
and his politics.

The reality is this: Though the Democrats will not have a nominee
until August, unless Hillary Clinton drops out, Mr. Obama is now the
frontrunner, and its time America takes a closer and deeper look at him.

Some pundits are calling him the next John F. Kennedy. He's not. He's
the next George McGovern. And it's time people learned the facts.

Because the truth is, Mr. Obama is the single most liberal senator in
the entire U.S. Senate. He is more liberal than Ted Kennedy, Bernie
Sanders, or Mrs. Clinton. Never in my life have I seen a presidential
frontrunner whose rhetoric is so far removed from his record. Walter
Mondale promised to raise our taxes, and he lost. George McGovern
promised military weakness, and he
lost. Michael Dukakis promised a liberal domestic agenda, and he lost.

Yet Mr. Obama is promising all those things, and he's not behind in the
polls. Why? Because the press has dealt with him as if he were in a
beauty pageant. Mr. Obama talks about getting past party, getting
past&am p;nbs p; red and blue, to lead the United States of America .
But let's look at the more defined strokes of who he is underneath this
superficial "beauty."

Start with national security, since the president's most important
duties are as commander-in-chief. Over the summer, Mr. Obama talked
about invading Pakistan, a nation armed with nuclear weapons; meeting
without preconditions with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who vows to destroy
Israel and create another Holocaust; and Kim Jong II, who is murdering
and starving his people, but emphasized that the nuclear option was off
the table against terrorists - something no president has ever taken
off the table since we created nuclear weapons in the 1940s.

Even Democrats who have worked in national security condemned all of
those remarks. Mr. Obama is a foreign-policy novice who would put our
national security at risk.

Next, consider economic policy. For all its faults, our health care
system is the strongest in the world. And free trade agreements,
created by Bill Clinton as well as President Bush, have made more
goods more affordable so that even people of modest means can live a
life tha t no one imagined a generation ago. Yet Mr. Obama promises to
raise taxes on "the rich." How to fix Social Security? Raise taxes. How
to fix Medicare? Raise taxes. Prescription drugs? Raise taxes. Free
college? Raise taxes. Socialize medicine? Raise taxes. His solution to
everything is to have government take it over. Big Brother on steroids,
funded by your paycheck.
Finally, look at the social issues. Mr. Obama had the audacity to
open a stadium rally by saying, "All praise and glory to God!" but
says that Christian leaders speaking for life and marriage have
"hijacked" -hijacked- Christianity. He is pro-partial birth abortion,
and promises to appoint Supreme Court justices who will rule any
restriction on it unconstitutional. He espouses the abortion views of
Margaret Sanger,one of the early advocates of racial cleansing. His
spiritual leaders endorse homosexual marriage, and he is moving in that
direction. In Illinois , he refused to vote against a statewide ban -
ban - on all hand guns in the state. These are radical left, Hollywood ,
and San

Francisco values, not Middle America values.

The real Mr. Obama is an easy target for the general election. Mrs.
Clinton is a far tougher opponent. But Mr. Obama could win if people
don't start looking behind his veneer and flowery speeches. His vision
of "bringing America together" means saying that those who disagree
with his agenda for America are hijackers or warmongers. Uniting the
country means adopting his liberal agenda and abandoning any
conflicting beliefs.

But right now everyone is talking about how eloquent of a speaker he
is and - yes - they're talking about his race. Those should never be
the factors on which we base our choice for president. Mr. Obama's
radical agenda sets him far outside the American mainstream, to the
left of Mrs. Clinton.
It's time to talk about the real Barack Obama. In an election of
firsts, let's first make sure we elect the person
who is qualified to be our president in a nuclear age during a global
civilizational war.
According to The Book of Revelations the anti-christ is:
The anti-christ will be a man, in his 40s, of MUSLIM descent, who will
deceive the nations with persuasive language, and have a MASSIVE
Christ-like appeal....the prophecy says that people will flock to him
and he will promise false hope and world peace, and when he is in
power, will destroy everything. Is it OBAMA??

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Blaming the GOP?

Some body please respond to this letter to the editor that appear in the Dayton Daily News on March 24th. Blaming the GOP for raising minimum wage??

Put blame where it belongs — on GOP

A March 10 Speak Up caller said the Democrats raised the minimum wage and created unemployment and that's why so many restaurants are closing. I disagree. I thought the raise was great; it should have been more. People who work for minimum wage have to pay the same prices we do.

Let me remind you that the Republicans have been in office for two terms. People have lost their jobs and their homes. Groceries have gone up. Gasoline is higher than it has ever been. The economy is at its worst. Our country is in a recession, and the Republicans put it there.

Why don't we just put the blame where it belongs?

Kay South

Butler Twp.

Our next President????

When you are faking a pose for a photo opportunity, at least you can get
the phone turned in the right direction!

And they say Bush is dumb ---------

Monday, March 24, 2008

Next meeting has been set!

Press Release

For Immediate Release

Contact: Zach Upton


Young Republican Club meets in Greene County

The next meeting of the Greene County Young Republicans will be held April 1st 2008 at 7 pm. The meeting will be at the Beavercreek Board of Education building, 3040 Kemp Rd. Beavercreek Oh. Any young Republican and those young at heart are invited and encouraged to attend.

The guest speaker for the evening event will be the Honorable Mr. Bob Stone. Mr. Stone is currently serving Greene County as a Township Trustee for Beavercreek and has served the Greene County Republican party for several years.

For more information and for recent events please visit

Contact Zach Upton for more information at .


Thursday, March 20, 2008

From the desk of the Party Chairman...

Ohio GOP Press Release
For Immediate Release Contact: John McClelland Thursday, March 20, 2008

Democrats Pursue Voter Inquisition in Cuyahoga County
The party of voter rights becomes the party of voter prosecution

COLUMBUS - Ohio Republican Party Chairman Bob Bennett issued the following statement today regarding an investigation by Democrats on the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections into crossover voting in the March primary election:

"This is an embarrassment to the Democratic Party and an absolute irony that a party that claims to empower voters is now moving to prosecute them. The Democrats in Cuyahoga County should be ashamed of this ridiculous waste of time and abuse of tax dollars. It's a political witch hunt being driven by Jennifer Brunner. She's angry that we exposed her negligent oversight of ballot security on Primary Day, so this is a lame attempt at retribution. The voters would be better served by an investigation into the changes she implemented in this election, whether they worked effectively, and how to proceed. It would also be nice if someone in Jennifer Brunner's office bothered to talk to the members of my staff who witnessed troubling lapses in the ballot security process, but I'm not holding my breath for that call."

The Plain Dealer today reported that the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections has launched an investigation into crossover voting. Board member Sandy McNair, a Democrat, wants the county prosecutor to review the findings and consider criminal charges. (Joe Guillen, "Cuyahoga County Elections Board Investigating 'Crossover' Voters," The Plain Dealer, 3/20/08)

# # #

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The next first family???

Story and Photo's of Barack Hussein Obama and Family
VERY Interesting…
Since the media will not inform us, here is some Obama family history .. and there were some folks worried that Romney was a Mormon!
Aside from many questions and inconsistencies--How come we haven't seen or known about some of these....?
We know Hillary but do we know him--the media darling?

Barack Obama's grandmother, Sarah Hussein Onyango Obama

U.S. Presidential hopeful Barack Obama's uncle has been a prisoner in his own home, trapped by post election violence that has left more than 600 Kenyans dead. "If Barack Obama were elected, he would improve relations between Africa and America because he had his roots in Africa", his uncle said.

Malik Obama, older brother to Barack Obama, holds an undated picture of Barak, left, and himself, middle, and an unidentified friend in his shop in eastern Kenya.
By Karel Prinsloo, AP
Luo dancers from the Senator Barack Obama Primary School

Barack has stated his s upport for Luo Opposition Leader in Kenya RaRaila Odinga (who signed a Shariah pact with Muslims and claims to be Obama's cousin) and is married to Ida Odinga. They have four children - two sons and two daughters. His oldest son, Fidel, is named after Fidel Castro.

Barack's father, Muslim, hard-drinker, was married three times, attended Harvard and returned to Kenya. Obama claims he was an atheist, but he was raised Muslim and was given a Muslim burial at Barack's family's request.
With mother Stanley Ann Dunham. In his own autobiography Obama writes, "How and when the marriage occurred remains a bit murky, a bill of particulars that I have never quite had the courage to explore." (His father was still married to his first wife Kezia in Kenya at the time.)

His father's only visit while Obama was in Hawaii.

Mother's 2nd husband Lolo Soetoro (Indonesian Muslim), their daughter Maya, and Obama.

Abandoned by his father and shipped off by his mother to his white grandparents, Barry Sotero becomes Barack Hussein Obama. Obama would describe his grandparents as "white folk."

Barack stands behind Kezia (stepmother) in a Kenyan family shot. (Including brother Abongo "Roy" Obama who is a Luo activist and a militant Muslim who argues that the black man must "liberate himself from the poisoning influences of European culture." "Abongo's new lifestyle has left him lean and clear-eyed, and at the wedding, he looked so dignified in his black African gown with white trim and matching cap that some of our guests mistook him for my father," Obama wrote in Dreams From My Father.

Obama's visit to Africa '06

Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Letter from Sen. Mike Dewine

March 15, 2008

Dear Friends,

The latest poll in Ohio, which came out yesterday, has John McCain leading both Obama and Clinton. The Rasmussen poll shows McCain with a 46 to 40 lead over Clinton -- and the exact same lead over Obama! This shows a gain for McCain since the last poll.

Thank you so much for all of your help and support leading up to the primary. We still have a long campaign ahead of us, but these numbers show that if we do what we need to do, John will carry Ohio in November.

Please continue to have your friends sign up as volunteers by going to John's web page at

Mike DeWine

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Karl Rove in Montgomery County!

Join the excitement of welcoming

"The Political Architect",

Karl Rove

to Montgomery County.

He was the Former Deputy Chief of Staff

and Senior Advisor

to President George W. Bush

& currently a Fox News political contributor.

Be the first to hear his 2008 campaign predictions and humorous stories.

This is a very special event you will not want to miss!! This is replacing the annual finance dinner and proceeds benefit the Montgomery County Republican Party.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Event begins at 6:30p.m.

Doors open at 5:00 p.m.

James S. Trent Arena
(Adjacent to Fairmont High School)

3301 Shroyer Rd.Kettering, Ohio 45429

Ticket Prices:

$50.00 VIP Seating

$20.00 General Admission

$10 Student

Tickets can be purchased: At headquarters -

369 W. First Street Suite 201

Credit Card purchases can be
made through our website at

or by calling
937-461-1776 ext 405.

Concessions will be available.

If you are interested in volunteering,
please contact Sharon Lowrey at 937-461-1776.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Beavercreek Women to meet!

MEDIA ADVISORY For Information: Sheryl Stecker

Beavercreek Republican Women’s Club March Meeting
WHAT: Beavercreek Republican Women’s Club Monthly Meeting for March
WHO: Stephen Haller, Greene County Prosecutor (Bio information below)
WHY: Mr. Haller will be the guest speaker at the group’s March meeting.
WHEN: Monday, March 17th, 2008, 7:00 pm
WHERE: Peace Lutheran Church, Room 1012
3530 Dayton Xenia Rd
Dayton, OH 45432
(across from the Beavercreek Post Office)
OTHER INFORMATION: The meeting is open to anyone who would like to attend. Anyone with questions concerning the Beavercreek Republican Women’s Club can contact Maxine Tieber at 937-429-3703.
Stephen K. Haller
Greene County Prosecuting Attorney
Steve Haller has served the citizens of Greene County since 1975 when he was hired as an assistant prosecutor.
He was raised in Xenia, Ohio and graduated from Carroll High School in 1968. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Wilmington College and his law degree from the University of Toledo. Steve was admitted to the Ohio Bar in 1976; the Federal Bar in 1978; and to practice before the Untied States Supreme Court in 1978.
He practiced law in Xenia with former U.S. Senator Mike Dewine, Assistant U.S. Attorney Wm. Schenck, U.S. District Judge Thomas Rose and Public Defender Arthur L. Sidell, III.
Mr. Haller served the City of Bellbrook as city prosecutor from 1982 to 2006.
During his 32 year career in the Prosecutor’s Office Steve has represented the State and County in thousands of criminal and civil cases in all courts in Greene County. He has also argued cases before the Second District Court of Appeals, and the Ohio Supreme Court.
Mr. Haller is honored to be affiliated with the Greene County Bar Association, Ohio State Bar Association, Ohio Prosecuting Attorneys Association, National College of District Attorneys, Greene County Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #37, Greene County Township Association and the National Organization for Victim Assistance.
In August, 2006, upon the retirement of his predecessor, William F. Schenck, Stephen K. Haller was appointed Greene County Prosecuting Attorney. Mr. Haller was elected to the office in November, 2006.

Monday, March 10, 2008

President Bush will visits the area!

Below is the invitation that went out, please feel free to print out and return if you would like to attend the event.

Friday, March 7, 2008

That silly Jennifer Brunner

For Immediate Release Contact: John McClelland Thursday,
March 6, 2008 614.228.2481

Brunner Declares Electronic Voting a Success COLUMBUS - Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner declared Tuesday's primary election a success, begging the question why she wants to completely change the way Ohioans vote. Ohio Republican Party Deputy Chairman Kevin DeWine today issued the following statement: "If Jennifer Brunner is calling Tuesday's election a success, then why is she asking Ohioans to pay $70 Million to overhaul the system between now and November?" said DeWine. "It seems unnecessary and unwise to completely change a system she just declared successful." According to the Columbus Dispatch, "[e]ven with scattered ballot shortages in Tuesday's Ohio primary, Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner declared the election a success yesterday and said she remains committed to having the entire state vote on paper ballots this fall." (Mark Niquette, "Election largely seen as success," Columbus Dispatch, 3/6/08) "Jennifer Brunner can't claim credit for a successful election while condemning the voting system on which it was conducted. It's just not logical," said DeWine.
# # #

The next meeting is set!

The next meeting of the Greene County Young Republicans will be Monday March 10th at 7 pm. The meeting will be held at the Beavercreek Board of Education building- 3040 Kemp Rd.

Please come ready to discuss your thoughts of the Primary Election!

Also...Monday will be bring a friend FREE night so invite all your friends!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Random thoughts of the results....

The results are in and now I'm left with some thoughts. I'm also interested in your thoughts and opinions of the results.

5 candidates ran for State Representative, 3 from Beavercreek, 1 from Xenia and 1 from Fairborn. Logic says the 3 guys from Beavercreek would split the "Beavercreek vote", however, the top 3 finishers in the race were the 3 from Beavercreek, Xenia and Fairborn took 4th and 5th. Does this seem right to you?

Chris Widener won State Senate by a 45% margin over his nearest competitor. That is a huge margin! I believe that its the largest margin of victory in a 3 person race this election cycle however I also think it might be the largest in Ohio's history in a primary election. Your thoughts?

Speaking of the State Senate Race, kudos to James Howard for his efforts. I wonder if we will hear from him again in the future. Or do you think he was to discouraged from the results to run again?

One more thought on the State Senate Race. Reed Madden was county commissioner in Greene County for 20+ years. He got roughly 6,700 votes in Greene and a total of roughly 8,800 votes in the entire district. How effective was his campaign outside of Greene and was his votes based on name recognition only?

Steve Austria won pretty well in Greene County. Any surprise? Ron Hood got just under 30% of the vote. Was this an "anti-Austria" vote or just the numbers playing out?

For all the "dirty talk" in the County Recorder race, it was still a close race, 53-47%. Sears won, I'm impressed that, a 'rookie' candidate beat a female incumbent. You?

What happened to Dan Harkins? I had him getting a much larger percent of the vote.

Finally, some races were mean and nasty and the candidates may never speak kind words about their opponents, but can everyone shake hands and make up for the general election?

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Give me your opinion...

Above is the front and back of a postcard that I recently received from Steve Austria's campaign. It is a piece about his opponent for Congress in the 7th district Ron Hood.

Tell me what you think about this postcard. Is it good and effective or is it an attack ad on Mr. Hood? Did it sway your vote one way or another? What are your thoughts?