Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Random thoughts of the results....

The results are in and now I'm left with some thoughts. I'm also interested in your thoughts and opinions of the results.

5 candidates ran for State Representative, 3 from Beavercreek, 1 from Xenia and 1 from Fairborn. Logic says the 3 guys from Beavercreek would split the "Beavercreek vote", however, the top 3 finishers in the race were the 3 from Beavercreek, Xenia and Fairborn took 4th and 5th. Does this seem right to you?

Chris Widener won State Senate by a 45% margin over his nearest competitor. That is a huge margin! I believe that its the largest margin of victory in a 3 person race this election cycle however I also think it might be the largest in Ohio's history in a primary election. Your thoughts?

Speaking of the State Senate Race, kudos to James Howard for his efforts. I wonder if we will hear from him again in the future. Or do you think he was to discouraged from the results to run again?

One more thought on the State Senate Race. Reed Madden was county commissioner in Greene County for 20+ years. He got roughly 6,700 votes in Greene and a total of roughly 8,800 votes in the entire district. How effective was his campaign outside of Greene and was his votes based on name recognition only?

Steve Austria won pretty well in Greene County. Any surprise? Ron Hood got just under 30% of the vote. Was this an "anti-Austria" vote or just the numbers playing out?

For all the "dirty talk" in the County Recorder race, it was still a close race, 53-47%. Sears won, I'm impressed that, a 'rookie' candidate beat a female incumbent. You?

What happened to Dan Harkins? I had him getting a much larger percent of the vote.

Finally, some races were mean and nasty and the candidates may never speak kind words about their opponents, but can everyone shake hands and make up for the general election?


Anonymous said...

What about Marilyn's big win...that was impressive

Greene County Young Republicans said...

No doubt that Marylin's big win was impressive in the County Commissioner race,but I wasn't surprised. She had a nice grass roots level team and name recognition.

As far as the County Commissioner goes I did find it interesting that in an election where Dems. turned out in higher numbers, the other County Commiss. seat, the one currently held by Rick Perales produced interesting results. Now, neither the R (Perales) or the D (Eddie Baumann)were challenged, yet Baumann got about 11,600 votes and Perales got 16,000 votes. Why?

Anonymous said...

Whoever is the manager doesn't understand politics at all. Austria received nearly 56% of the vote in the entire district.

It is nearly impossible to get 60% of the vote in a 4 way primary. One has to remember in Pickaway, Perry, and Fairfield, Hood (because he is always running for an office) has been on the ballot 4times in 4 years. That is tested name ID. The very fact that Austria kept it close margin wise is simply amazing. In Pickaway County you had a very popular Democrat sheriff who was in a primary. Many GOP'ers who publicly supported Austria voted in the primary to make sure the incumbent sheriff won.

In the end, as much as Hood and his Hoodie clan wanted to have an impact in Clark, Greene and Fairfield, he just couldn't do it.

This blog site has had some cynisim towards Austria. You better get over it.