Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Blaming the GOP?

Some body please respond to this letter to the editor that appear in the Dayton Daily News on March 24th. Blaming the GOP for raising minimum wage??

Put blame where it belongs — on GOP

A March 10 Speak Up caller said the Democrats raised the minimum wage and created unemployment and that's why so many restaurants are closing. I disagree. I thought the raise was great; it should have been more. People who work for minimum wage have to pay the same prices we do.

Let me remind you that the Republicans have been in office for two terms. People have lost their jobs and their homes. Groceries have gone up. Gasoline is higher than it has ever been. The economy is at its worst. Our country is in a recession, and the Republicans put it there.

Why don't we just put the blame where it belongs?

Kay South

Butler Twp.

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