Friday, March 7, 2008

That silly Jennifer Brunner

For Immediate Release Contact: John McClelland Thursday,
March 6, 2008 614.228.2481

Brunner Declares Electronic Voting a Success COLUMBUS - Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner declared Tuesday's primary election a success, begging the question why she wants to completely change the way Ohioans vote. Ohio Republican Party Deputy Chairman Kevin DeWine today issued the following statement: "If Jennifer Brunner is calling Tuesday's election a success, then why is she asking Ohioans to pay $70 Million to overhaul the system between now and November?" said DeWine. "It seems unnecessary and unwise to completely change a system she just declared successful." According to the Columbus Dispatch, "[e]ven with scattered ballot shortages in Tuesday's Ohio primary, Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner declared the election a success yesterday and said she remains committed to having the entire state vote on paper ballots this fall." (Mark Niquette, "Election largely seen as success," Columbus Dispatch, 3/6/08) "Jennifer Brunner can't claim credit for a successful election while condemning the voting system on which it was conducted. It's just not logical," said DeWine.
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