Sunday, April 6, 2008

More speculation about Portman's VP prospects

The Columbus Dispatch has another report today on the possibility of former Ohio congressman Rob Portman as John McCain's running mate:

"You don't pick him because you want to win Ohio, you pick him because he brings to the table a breadth of experience few others can match," said Neil Newhouse, a GOP pollster in suburban Washington who has conducted many surveys in Ohio.

"The jobs he has taken qualify him to potentially be the nominee," said Newhouse, who has never worked for Portman. "It's not like he has done it on purpose, but you look for that kind of background when you look for someone who can complement John McCain. This is a guy who fits the bill."

Portman has served in two cabinet-level posts as U.S. trade ambassador and White House budget director, and the Dispatch adds, "Though a staunch economic and social conservative, he has cultivated friendships among both Republicans and Democrats."

Columnist Robert Novak recently said Portman has "the highest marks inside the Republican presidential candidate's organization." That followed earlier speculation from American Spectator and National Journal.

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