Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Democrats are falling, the Democrats are falling...

I just can't help but think this is going to be one of the best years for Republicans in Ohio. We have a Gov. that has been to busy play "pick me for VP" to know what is going on in Ohio, no need to go into detail about AG Marc Dann, 'nuff said about him, and now Rep. Matt Barrett brings another black eye to the Ohio Dem. Party in his "nude photogate" scandal. Unbelievable! I especially like the first line of this article"...because he was NOT TRUTHFUL about a...", Shut up...a Democrat lied? I don't believe. There was thoughts that '06 wasn't a good year to be a Republican, the way things are going with the Dems, there won't be a good year ever to be a Dem.

State Rep. Matt Barrett has resigned his post because he was not truthful about a photo of a top-less woman that Barrett accidentally showed to a Norwalk High School class last fall, Ohio House Democratic Leader Joyce Beatty announced today.
Beatty, D-Columbus, asked for the resignation Wednesday night after learning about the decep-tion by Barrett, D-Amherst, said Democratic spokesman Phil Saken.
“It’s a disappointment,” Saken said. “It’s become clear that he had not been forthright with his colleagues.”
Norwalk Law Director Stuart O’Hara said today that an investigation by Norwalk police into the incident had been completed and he is seeking a special prosecutor from outside Barrett’s district to decide whether Barrett, an attorney, should be charged.
It’s unclear what the investigation determined. A preliminary probe by the State Highway Pa-trol last year indicated that one of Barrett’s four children, likely a teenage son, was responsible for the image on the thumb drive the state representative plugged into his laptop during his presenta-tion.
State Rep. Joe Koziura, D-Lorain, said the Ohio Democratic Caucus will name Barrett’s re-placement. Koziura said he hadn’t seen the resignation coming.“That’s unbelievable,” he said today.

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