Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A message for John Boehner

Gas Prices Continue Going Up

House Republicans today introduced legislation asking that Democrats reveal their long-promised “commonsense” plan to lower gas prices. I hosted a telephone townhall last night with more than 200 constituents in the 8th Congressional District and the most common question was, What can be done about rising gas prices?

The American people want their elected leaders to address this problem, not hide behind empty rhetoric. Since January 2007, gas prices have risen by an average $1.20 per gallon. In Ohio, we’re paying an average $3.47 per gallon, according to AAA. But it was two years this week that the now-Majority party in Congress promised the nation that they had a “commonsense plan” to lower rising fuel costs. Not only have we not seen that plan, but prices have soared since then.

It’s time for a bipartisan, comprehensive plan to reduce our dependence on foreign sources of energy, lower energy prices here at home and invest in all forms of energy to create American jobs and grow our economy.

Click here <> to hear Boehner talk about this important issue. Read more about this here <> and here <> .

Forcing FISA

Today, I signed a petition designed to force a vote in the U.S. House on legislation to close the terrorist loophole in the 37-year-old Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) while adding critical liability protections for firms that have stepped up to the plate in the interest of our national security. The measure includes the text of the FISA modernization bill passed by the Senate with overwhelming bipartisan support on February 12, 2008. Under House rules, if the petition receives 218 signatures, a vote must be scheduled.

More than 66 days have passed since our nation has been left more vulnerable to terrorist attack because House Democratic leaders continue to block the bipartisan Senate-passed modernization bill, and every day that passes without congressional action, we lose critical intelligence that could help us track foreign terrorists quickly and effectively. However, greedy trial lawyers have forced their allies in the House to oppose this legislation so it is not likely to see the light of day in the House without forceful, bipartisan action.

You can read more about this here <> and here <> .

Boehner Column: Fuel Prices Rising, Taxes Hikes Threatened … No Relief in Sight From Wasteful Washington Spenders <>

It’s possible that by the time you read this column, the federal government will have already cashed the check you wrote for your 2007 taxes. And if you think that was bad, wait until you see how big a check you may write very soon if Congress passes all the tax hikes it’s threatening.

Read the full column here <>

Did You Know?

Did you also know that April is the National Month of the Military Child? Last week, the U.S. House passed H. Res. 265 to honor the children of our Armed Forces and recognize the burden they share in protecting the nation.

While we can never repay the debt our nation owes to our fighting men and women, the U.S. Department of Defense has set up a website so that anyone can send a note of encouragement
and thank our troops. To show your support, visit America Supports You <> .

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