Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Alan Anderson wins endorsement!!

Below is an Endorsement of Alan Anderson by the Dayton Daily News. The article was published April 12th 2010 and can be found here,

By the Dayton Daily News | Monday, April 12, 2010, 05:48 PM

Virgil Vaduva has some ideas that are beyond the fringe. As pertinent, he’s running for the wrong office.

He’s challenging Alan Anderson in the Republican primary for Greene County commissioner.

However, his complaints, he said, are not with Mr. Anderson, but with Commissioners Marilyn Reid and Rick Perales. He suggests they have a special relationship with the Dayton Development Coalition that results in their campaigns benefitting, but he can’t explain what he means.

Mr. Vaduva’s views, which he characterizes as more Libertarian than Republican, are most intense about national and state politics. He says taxes are a “violent means” of taking people’s property.

The immigrant from Romania says he has been involved with some Tea Party activists and that he helped start the Xenia Liberty Group.

Specifically, he complains that property taxes in Greene County are too high, though the county commission gets little in the way of property tax proceeds; most of that tax money goes to schools. In an interview with the Dayton Daily News, it wasn’t clear whether Mr. Vaduva understands that.

Considering the issues he’s hottest about, you’d think a legislative office or even a school board seat would fit the Cedarville resident who works in information technology better.

He also criticizes the Greene County Children’s Services Board as an example of a government agency that spends too much employing people as opposed to providing direct services. That characterization is bewildering because, of course, the bulk of that agency’s budget is going to go toward people — those who investigate abuse complaints, those who monitor children in foster care, those who screen and recruit foster parents.

Though he’s pleasant, Mr. Vaduva is the wrong person for this important job.

Mr. Anderson is completing his first four-year term. He is earnest, but unlikely to ever grow into the most knowledgeable commissioner. Nonetheless, he has carved out some interests.

For instance, he’s especially focused on the fact that much of Greene County — he says half of the county’s land mass — doesn’t have fast, reliable Internet service and is instead dependent on dial-up.

That’s horribly frustrating for those trying to work at home, for children trying to do school work and for anyone who wants to be part of the 21st century.

Whether Mr. Anderson is bringing together the right people or has found the solution isn’t clear. But he is paying attention to a vexing problem.

Mr. Anderson came into office after he knocked off Marilyn Reid in the primary four years ago. Ms. Reid had long been involved in the Greene County Republican Party and also represented the area in the legislature, though not without controversy. She has a long line of critics for her style and on substance; Mr. Anderson was seen as a more go-along-get-along kind of person.

With a term under his belt, no one would suggest he is going to be the person who leads any bold transformation of Greene County’s ways of doing business, and he isn’t politically courageous.

(Though he should have been defending the Dayton Development Coalition and what it does for Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and especially for Greene County, Mr. Anderson was on the side of whacking the money the coalition gets to advocate for the region.)

Mr. Vaduva, who has never attended a county commission meeting, isn’t interested in the work of county government. Sticking with Mr. Anderson is the better choice.

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Roderick_E said...

In regards to Virgil Vaduva's law suit against Xenia,


Having interacted with Virgil Vaduva for almost 10 years, I've found this to be his tactic; often threatening to sue people for made-up injustices. One example is when Vaduva was suspected of threatening to sue Wikipedia because Wikipedia would not allow Vaduva to dictate a definition of a public domain word (see: Vaduva claimed he had actually trademarked the word (see: ) when in reality he only applied for the trademark but did not follow through. Further, the word is a public domain, theological word which was arrogant for Vaduva to even attempt to trademark.

Unfortunately, while Vaduva tries to represent himself to Xenia citizens as a conservative and a Republican, Vaduva's own writings over the past decade show him to be anti-capitalistic (see: point 6 & 7 ), thus Vaduva has a pattern of radicalism, not conservatism. Vaduva actually sees himself as a Libertarian. (see:

Vaduva even tells his readers how to more or less cheat/"hack" StarBucks to get free coffee: Are those the qualities we look for in representatives?

It is my opinion that Vaduva as an uninformed immigrant from Romania, he doesn't fully understand Americanism. His concepts of liberty and freedom may have been shaped more by rock throwing mobs of teens in the streets of Romania than by the principles and concepts of Americanism (obviously this is not true of all Romanian immigrants). Vaduva appears to think of himself as a revolutionary, more in a Che Guevara sense then in the American Patriot sense -- see Vaduva in a video he produced where Vaduva dresses as Che Guevara and claims Jesus was like Che: Indeed, Vaduva is even a leader in a group (some consider it a cult) called "hyper-preterists" (which I was once a part), who advocate Jesus already came back, that the resurrection of the believers happened in the year AD70 and that the judgment of the wicked and righteous is past, and that there will never be an end to sin. This group departs from anything that has ever been considered Christian. (see: This is important merely to show that Vaduva is a radical and not a conservative in any sense, not socially or ideologically.

I am sorry the citizens of Xenia have to endure this man.