Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mike DeWine leading in poll!

Dear Friends,

According to a new poll just released by well respected pollster, Neil Newhouse, I am beating liberal Democrat Richard Cordray 50% to 32%! I am ahead by 18 points and even leading Cordray in the Cleveland media market!

Neil Newhouse, most recently, polled for Scott Brown's U.S. Senate victory in Massachusetts. He is also polling for the Ohio House and Senate Campaign Committees, several Congressional races in Ohio, and he is involved in Governor, Senate, and Congressional races from California to Kansas to Connecticut to Florida.

To see the full polling results, visit my campaign website at www.mikedewine.com. Thank you for your continued support!

Very respectfully yours,

Mike DeWine

Paid for by Mike DeWine for Ohio, 2587 Conley Road, Cedarville, OH 45314, JB Hadden, Treasurer

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Teresa said...

I wish I still lived in Steubenville, so I could vote for you. Good Luck!