Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Obama the myth....

Five Obama Myths
In an interesting op-ed, former RNC spokesman Alex Conant concludes that "much of the conventional wisdom about Obama is wrong."

He lists the five biggest misconceptions:

Obama is bold. "Actually, he is overly cautious."
Obama is a great communicator. "Cut away the soaring rhetoric in his speeches, and the resulting policy statements are often vague, lawyerly and confusing."
Obamaland is a team of rivals. "His closest advisers -- those who actually shape his thinking, strategy and policies -- are loyal and, by all accounts, like-minded."
Obama is smooth. "Despite being deliberate, Obama is surprisingly gaffe-prone."
Obama has a good relationship with the media. "Working with the hundreds of reporters who covered the Obama campaign last year, I was struck by how many of them would quietly complain about Obama's borderline disdain for the press."

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