Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Comments from a friend

Below I've copied an e-mail from a close family friend that had some comments about the Election results. Very powerful word. My friend is an immigrant from the former Czechoslovakia that left due to their form of Government.

Hello to all on the Veterans Day:
as promised, you got no e-mails from me last week.
I was in mourning for elections - president's choice.
I mourned for people -
who didn't use the brain
and didn't vote for McCain.

As I watch TV on election night and saw Ohio go blue, I knew, it was over...
As I watch TV for president - elect speech - I did what most of people at the park did - I cried...
Difference - however, their tears were tears of Joy, mine were Tears of Sorrow...
Sorrow that this, the greatest country in the World lost something very special -
it's Freedom as we used to know. Freedom for each so many people in military lost their lives.
Freedom for which many people of the former Eastern Europe lost their lives as well, as they
tried to swim for Freedom via Danube River and being shut, or tried to brake through barber wires,
run for it, just to be shut...

The worship-like expression on the faces of people I did see on TV that night, reminded me
very much of the faces in Russia - for Lenin & Stalin, and in Germany for Hitler.
I once read a book title: "The Nation of Sheep" by William Lederer. (published 1961, 1967)
Never before did I believe in its content as much as that night.

It makes me wonder:
Do so many people in this country really believe that Socialism is the way to go?
Even after Russia and all Eastern Europe are free of it, for it didn’t work?
Or they really don’t get it that “Spread the Wealth around” is a basic principle of Marxism – Leninism – Socialism – Communism?
Is that what they really want for this country?

The choice has been made…be careful what you wish for…but all of us have to live with it.
I pray and ask you all to pray that our country will survive with our Democracy intact.
May God Help us, Protect us, and Watch over us. For He is the only one that can.

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