Friday, August 1, 2008

Martin Wins Endorsement!


For Information:
Kenneth Bryant
Campaign Manager

Martin Endorsed by Ohio Right to Life
Pro-Life group extends their appreciation for Martin’s pro-life commitment.

BEAVERCREEK, OH. (8/1/08) - The accolades continue to accumulate
for State Representative candidate Jarrod Martin. The Ohio Right to
Life PAC has endorsed Martin for the November 2008 General
Election. "We wish you the very best and extend our appreciation
for your pro-life commitment" said Mark Lally for the PAC.

"I am committed to my family values and I believe we must do all
that we can to protect the most vulnerable Ohioans" Martin said.
“We must work together with courage and compassion for all Ohio

Martin is a member of the Beavercreek City Council and owns a
business in Beavercreek. He is active in organizations throughout
Greene County and has worked tirelessly on behalf of taxpayers and

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