Monday, July 21, 2008

Ohio Attorny General news for the Republicans!

We all know about the shamble that Democrat Marc Dann left the Attorney Generals office in. However, the question thats been raised many times since Democrat Dann disgracefully left office has been who will the Republicans nominate for the special election.
Its been pretty hush hush as far as who the nominee is going to be, big names like Betty Montgomery, Sen. Mike DeWine and Jim Petro have all been mentioned but each have dismissed the rumor saying they are not interested. Who can blame them? Who would want to run on short notice for a statewide position in a Presidential election year? Can't say it makes a whole lot of sense to any seasoned politician. That leads me to believe its an 'unknown' person. Or someone willing to put their neck on the chopping block to get a little exposure now in hopes of something grander later.
Now, I don't know who the AG candidate will be, but the rumor mill has Chairman Bennet making the announcement THIS WEEK! Hopefully we will hear very soon and we can start working together to elect John McCain, the AG candidate and the rest of the Republican ticket!

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