Monday, February 18, 2008

Bill Clinton looses temper!!!

Last night, over 100 pro-life students from Franciscan University of Steubenville College Republicans welcomed Bill Clinton to Steubenville by protesting him. For some reason, whenever Democrats come to Steubenville and get protested, they just can't take the heat, like when Kerry nearly had a breakdown in 2004 after being greeted by over 500 protesters. After being challenged by one of the protesters inside the event, Clinton just lost it.

I put up a YouTube of the incident and its now being linked off of Drudge Report and is being reported in many major news outlets.

I'd encourage you all to not let these Dems go anywhere near your campus without a protest. Give them hell. And especially, protest them on a hot-button issue that will get their emotions flowing, such as abortion. Get them to lose their cool, get it on video, and then define the media story.

And, on a final note, after battling other Republicans in a pretty nasty primary, it is awesome that the battle has now shifted to the Democrats.

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